Shore Lore is folklore of the ocean. We dream of mermaids, sea monsters, submerged cities, mythical treasures, and time-warping islands. One thing that is not a myth is our mission: We were born to save the sea. Shore Lore was created when artist and designer Bryan Collins was kayaking creeks off of the Intracoastal Waterway in Saint Augustine, Florida and found himself navigating through garbage. He returned home with a kayak full of trash and a heart full of desire to help protect our waters. Days later Bryan began a Kickstarter campaign to create Shore Lore Apparel. A portion of proceeds from this campaign and all future sales of Shore Lore would be donated to the Sea Turtle Hospital at Whitney Lab and other marine rehabilitation centers, as well as ICW and beach clean up efforts. The campaign was successful and Shore Lore officially became a brand in November of 2015.

A major aspect of what sets us apart is that all Shore Lore designs are created by hand. Even our  lettering for all apparel is hand written. Our shirt designs are sketched with pencil, meticulously inked on paper, then scanned to create the shirt screens and embroidery patterns. No digital drawing programs are used so our designs are incredibly unique, humanly connected, and traditionally artistic.

We make a variety of efforts to operate responsibly, minimizing our ecological footprint and create fantastic clothing. We print on clothing made by factories that do the same. We work with other small businesses, up-and-coming models, charities, and more. Together we are saving the sea and we thank you for your support!